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Hello from Bobbie!


Well here we are midway through yet another year. I’m writing this from the Northern hemisphere.

Brian and I have just celebrated the 30 year mark for our church. I’m not sure where those three decades have gone. I was 26 then and now I’m 56!! All I can say is that God is truly faithful and that His “exceeding abundant and above” plan for ALL our lives will take shape as we all simply remain faithful. Life is full of adventure, the seasons can be a ‘trip’ in themselves but again the anchor of our lives is to remain faithful to Christ and faithful to ones post in life.

This is my personal prayer for you also.

I never dreamt a “movement of women world changers” would be part of that plan all those years ago - yet here we all stand, somehow united from diverse worlds and diverse places, encouraging one another in calling and endeavor.

Personally, I now enter the remainder of the year with Colour Conference front and centre in my mind and spirit. Preparations are underway and our prayer is that it will strengthen yet again what He has begun in us.

Already thousands are registered (Sydney may well close early) - but I will still prepare a tangible Invitation to put in your hand because there may be someone in your world who needs to be given a “personal paper invitation”.  Remember girls, it is never only about us but those God has ordained to cross our paths, who need to be exposed to a liberating message about what it is to be a woman alive at such a time as this.

I’m believing for God’s calling to heighten within you again and I’m hoping that our lives will collide again in 2014.

I love you. May the second half of this year be stunning.

Stay in His WORD, stay in His PRESENCE, stay in His CALLING.

Love always,